04 November 2011

First two days on ICW

We had a stunning first day and night on the ICW. Picture postcard like views all the way! As we motored with around 6 kts there was enough time to enjoy the different landscapes around us. The first day we passed approximately 12 bridges! At some we had to wait for the opening, at others we could simply pass through. We even experienced our first lock. Over all a very interesting passage. For the night we anchored at a calm place - only us and the nature. It was totally quiet and there were no lights around us in sight except the illuminated buoys in the water - something we didn't undergo since a long time (Dubai never sleeps). For dinner we tested our BBQ for the first time and grilled some sausages - together with a fresh salad and some baked potatoes it was a delicious meal in a stunning environment!
Today we lifted the anchor very early and cruised into a beautiful sunrise. But then the weather changed rapidly and we had some nasty waves due to a strong wind - at some points blowing with up to 40 kts!! It was a day of concentrated steering and navigating. We've been so happy to finally dock our Habibi savely in a harbour this evening!! Its name by the way is "Alligator River Marina"...
Pictures: There are always a lot more pictures on our facebook page - same name "habibisails.blogspot.com"

Love, Rahel

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