17 November 2011

Shrimps, Pelicans and Cats

On our way down South we encounter many fishing and shrimp boats (as the one above, usually very rusty and used up looking). And where they are the pelicans or gulls are not far either. It's kind of a symbiotic relationship they have. But we were told that the fishermen are complaining: there are basically no shrimp at the moment and nobody knows why. Sad to hear as so many make a living with fishing in this region. Along the ICW we saw one impressive waterfront villa after the other and almost just as much "For Sale" signs up - but selling property here seems to be almost as difficult as fishing shrimps...
Quite unscheduled we're in Charleston for three days already. But it was our major goal before we started our journey that we would stop whenever the forecast predicted some bad weather. And it did for the last two days. But there are worse places to wait for a low to pass than this pretty city in South Carolina. What really stands out in this place is the love for animals. In so many stores we encountered cats sleeping or begging for affection, dogs waiting in cars or on a stroll and horse carriages. We love the historic city center with its cobblestone pavement and fronts of neat houses, some of them built so close together that you could shake hands from building to building if there were windows...


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