27 November 2011

No-Wake Zone - they must be kiddin'!!

Just to be clear on that right in the beginning: I do not hate motor boats. I'm really, deeply starting to detest SOME motor boat captains! To cruise the Intracoastal Waterway with a sailing vessel means you're motoring with max 6 kts speed, you have to be careful to stay in the usually very narrow and shallow channel while paying attention to the depth finder and to the sometimes swift current. So there is a lot of concentration needed, all day, every minute. Then THEY come - if a motor boater has some education and integrity he 1) tries to overtake us very slowly and with some distance or 2) he asks us over the radio for permission to do what mentioned under 1). But according to my experience there are far more rude, reckless and unschooled so called captains out there than others!
I'm known to be patient, almost endlessly. That's why I'm usually doing most of the motoring, Marco just doesn't have the nerves for that, he is more the sailor. And I like doing it, no question. It gives me the possibility to get to know Habibi better and to navigate accordingly. But today it was too much! The first weekend boaters didn't bother me. The group of around ten motor vessels that passed by sequently, well was uncomfortable. I did not quite understand why they smiled and waved. Maybe they think their waves are entertaining for us? Ok, but then the bummer of the day: I was navigating in a narrow, shallow channel when a super fat motor boat did overtake us on the left and at the same time a medium size vessel passed by on the right, a so called wake-sandwich. Of course, without having taken into account neither 1) nor 2). And the best: the guy in the super yacht even waved as I was trying to keep the boat under control and not to hit a marker because of his waves. I was furious and in total rage! Only the fact that I'm well-behaved and educated prevent me from taking the radio (a blog about this topic only follows soon) to tell him off.


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  1. RAHEL....NEXT TIME, DON'T HOLD BACK....TELL THEM OFF, THEY NEED TO LEARN AND TO HEAR IT FROM FROM! Then dont move over, stay in the center and make then take the edge if they are in a hurry. Hold you ground...