25 November 2011

Thanksgiving Swiss Made

Recently a fellow IP Boater asked once more what flag we are flying - and mentioned how nice Rahel's accent sounds over the radio: No, the red colour doesn't mean we're Russian or from another communistic oriented country...we are Swiss and therefore have to believe that money rules the world :-)

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, a big thing in the US but not so familiar to us. The biggest impact for us was that all the major shopping malls and restaurants were closed. But today is Black Friday and if we wanted we could shop till we drop!

As you already know from a former post, we met Agnes and Thomas a few days ago who already did quite an extensive travel on their beautiful Ovni. They're keeping their boat now in Jacksonville Beach for the next couple of months. By chance we are in a marina close by for a few days, just a walk over the bridge. Can you imagine how happy we have been to get an invitation for a Thanksgiving dinner Swiss made? It was delicious, Thanks very much!

If you like to follow their blog, it's highly recommended: Thomas is a Journalist, worked all over the world for a major Swiss newspaper and his blog is amazing to read (yes, HE knows grammar, not like me) - Sorry, but for the time being just in German. http://thomasruest.blogspot.com/

Cheers Marco

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  1. We got a Thanksgiving invitation to David's family yesterday as well, the only relatives we apparently have somewhere close to Chicago and it was SO nice to eat a FULL feast! I'm still learning how to cook a variety of things so I miss mom's cooking! :-)