09 November 2011

It's just the two of us

Yesterday we arrived in Morehead City / Beaufort NC and while we've been busy looking for the entry to the marina I suddenly noticed some dorsal fins moving on the surface of the water - they belonged to three dolphins! Our first encounter with them on this trip and for sure not the last one.
It was aswell the last evening with Kris as he jumped off the boat today to head towards Philadelphia. We wish him a save trip and want to thank him for his support on our first leg! Now it's only the two of us... will we manage to handle the boat? We are confident!
We were able to stock up on some fresh food and provisions. You never know when there will be the next possiblity! And while I was sitting on the floor, labeling cans before to store them I heard a strange crackling sound that seemed to be coming from underwater on our boat's hull. I then remembered having read about this in an ICW handbook. That must have been the tiny shrimplike creatures called "krill" feeding on the growth on the hull. Nothing to worry about! Here is an article about it, under "South Carolina, Snap-Crackle-Pop":

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